General Information

Absences and illness

Please phone our school office and leave a message or let the van driver know if your child is sick or absent. Absences are noted and parents of absent children are contacted, as your child’s safety is a top priority for us all.


When your child is hurt or feels sick at school we will endeavour to contact you first. If your child is unwell they will be given pamol (if permission is given on consent form) and will rest in the sick bay. We have trained staff members in first aid training. In the event of an emergency your child will be taken to the doctor or hospital for treatment if required and you will be notified.

Behaviour Management and Bullying

We are currently in the second year of PB4L which is a program based around Positive Management for Learning run by the Ministry of Education. Staff are involved in learning effective strategies to assist in managing student behaviour or bullying. Our behaviour management policy can be found on our school website.

School Donations

We are part of the school donation opt in scheme, no school donations are required.


Our school buys all of the students stationery so everyone can start their learning from day one. Parents/caregivers are given a stationery account to pay and prompt payment is appreciated. We have payment options if needed by talking with our office lady.